Government Programs

Various Government Programs Offer

Loans that are designed to help pay off multiple debts by combining them into a single payment. These types of loans are called government debt consolidation loans and employ many of the same principles of debt consolidation used in the private sector with some minor modifications.

There are some restrictions and eligibility requirements on the kinds of debt that qualify for government debt consolidation loans and these can vary depending on who is initiating or sponsoring the loan. Each program is slightly different and the particular terms of the loans are specific to that program. It is a good idea to look at all of the available options and then select the type of loan that works best for your situation.

The benefits of government debt consolidation loans are numerous. The interest rate is typically much lower than the rates on the loans being consolidated, which can add up to significant savings over the course of paying off the loan.

Consolidating multiple loans into a single payment also helps to reduce the amount paid out-of-pocket toward the debt each month. This makes is much easier to budget and reduces the financial strain that often accompanies multiple debts.

Students are one of the most common type borrowers that apply for government debt consolidation loans. They frequently take these loans to pay off high-interest credit card debts in addition to student loans and other debts such as medical expenses.

The Department of Education is one government program that will help to pay off original federal education loans through a new loan which can also pay off other types of debts. This is through the Direct Consolidation Loan Program.

A similar government program, the Federal Family Education Loan Program, can also help to consolidate existing debts. There are a number of different programs available that may be able to help depending on your particular set of circumstances.

Most lenders working with these government programs will offer several payment options or plans. Each of the plans are designed to suit the unique needs of different kind of borrowers.

It is critical to fully research and do your due diligence before entering into any kind of agreement with companies claiming to offer government debt consolidation loans. Many companies hawking “free government grant money” to pay off loans scalp unsuspecting consumers through undisclosed “processing fees” and other unscrupulous tactics.

Government debt consolidation loans can be extremely helpful in relieving the financial stress created by multiple debts. These types of loans may be the right choice for you and your specific situation.

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